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When should I get an eye exam?
Children should have their first comprehensive eye examination before the age of 4 unless a specific condition, or history of family childhood vision problems, warrants an earlier visit.

Individuals age 20 to 40 should have eye exams every five years. If you have vision changes, pain, flashes of light, new floaters, injury or tearing, see an eye care professional immediately.

For people aged 40 to 64, eye exams are recommended every two to four years. Anyone older than 65 should see an eye doctor every one to two years.

People with diabetes are at risk for several eye disorders, including diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and cataracts, and should have eye examinations every year.

African Americans are at greater risk for glaucoma, and should have eye examinations every three to five years before age 40, then every two years.

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